Sharepoint Web Parts (Inquiry:

Fields List($199 without source code, $599 with source code) To show the information about the list so that Sharepoint developer could develope new web parts fast. The information include all property of the fields.

User setup for Form-Based Authentication($199 without source code, $599 with source code)
To create form-based authentication, assign role and update user information..

Interactive Map
Interactive map to show the Geo Map

Word Document Creation($199 without source code, $599 with source code)
To generate Word document

Mobile Messenger
The Mobile Messenger is great for deployed service personnel, as well as friends of units wanting to keep in touch. This service provides the ability to enter a text message from any standard browser, and the text message will be delivered to the cell phone. The sender needs to know the phone number and cellular provider. Use the Mobile Messenger, like a cell phone, to direct your text message.

Cell Phone & Email integration
Use the cell phone to check your POP3 email any time and any place. It is based on Java Mail and POP3 application.

Children's Learning Software (Plus 100) (Free)
This software would provide a learning system with game style. Children would like to improve math skill on addition of two numbers less than 100 by playing the game. It is free. Download here